I'm a published photographer from Mexico City. I'm focused on concerts, festivals, portraits, and documentary assignments, as welI as shooting video and photographs for the Mexican Office os Tourism.

I also direct and photograph music videos under the name of Club Salmón.

In high school, I had photography class for a whole year, that was the first time ever I had a camera on my hands. By that time, I used to have a band, and all my friends did as well, so, the most natural thing for me was to shoot their shows and rehearsals. That's how I started shooting live music and portraits, and since then, it's been my field of expertise.

I've worked for music media outlets like Red Bull Panamerika, Revista Marvin, and Lifeboxset. 

I'm currently working with Noisey in Mexico City, and The Line of Best Fit in the UK. I'm also member of RaRaRa Films, a film & photo studio based in Mexico City.

Hi! Feel free to reach me here or through the contact form.

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