Happy Father's Day, mom!

Since I was a child, Father's Day has been complicated for me. Every year I was blown up to know how I would react, if I was going to feel sad, angry, or I was going to be indifferent (something that almost never happens). As I have been growing up, I have met people who share my story, who have taught me to see things differently and to value what is there instead of suffering for what is missing.
This year I wanted to do an exercise in which I would celebrate those moms (what like mine) deserve to celebrate this day as much as May 10. Women with super powers, who manage to do magic and that many, many times go unnoticed. In Mexico, 3 out of 10 women are single mothers, and yet there is a huge taboo around this. If being a mom is already the most honorable and noble activity that exists, being a mom and dad at the same time is one of the greatest acts of love that exist. .
Thank you Lucero & Lucio, Mariana & Leo, Tiofila & Rocío & Teresa and Laura, for being part of this series. Thank you for giving images to this project that came from the bottom of my heart, thanks for inspiring, for sharing and for letting me show these families that we also celebrate our parents today, only that ours are women and we tell them every day, "mom".
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