This photos were taken in 2012 with a Canon Rebel K2 camera and Holga 35mm black and white film. They were very recently developed by a friend of mine.

The first time I went to Coachella I did not have a photo pass, but decided to go with some film and my camera to document what was a very exciting and new experience for me. It was 2012, and I was 22. I shot this with a 35mm Holga film roll that I had previously bought in Austin during SXSW the same year (this was my very first festival in de USA). I recently had this roll developed by a friend of mine, I didn't remembered what was in it, and it was a great surprise for me to have this memories from 6 years ago now in my hands.

Don't remember what band this is.

This is supposed to be a Refused photo.

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